Committed to utilizing the latest technologies & business strategies to fiercely support & promote USA based manufacturers & innovators!! "The Sock Queen of Alabama"     ... Fashion & Style ... March 29th, 2016

Fort Payne, Alabama -- �I was 12 when my parents started making socks,� Gina said. �And the realization that our family business might close made me mad.�    Her mother added: �She absolutely loves what she does. She�s on fire.�     Click here for Gina's "hero" profile page.!        zkano  ... a truly American Made Hero Company.!!!
"I�m deeply passionate about promoting USA manufacturing, delivering a product that�s both high quality and comfortable." - Gina

We first applauded Gina in 2011 for her efforts with zkano.   We continue to applaud her hard earned success!    Click here!!
Joseph Abboud  an American Made Hero & Designer

Joseph Abboud is the only remaining American Designer with a significant US manufacturing operation whose heritage is genuinely Made In America.

�We employ 800 people at the New Bedford, Mass. factory. We make 330,000 suits a year and can pass on a 30 to 40 percent savings to our customer. We can sell a $795 suit that�s made in America. And it�s not just a suit that�s made in America; it�s made well in America.�

We applaud award winning menswear designer Joseph Abboud proudly still manufacturing his designs in the USA.    Click here!!
Hanky Panky  ... an American Made Hero Company.

Hanky Panky has been manufacturing in the Northeast area of the USA since 1977 with owners Gale Epstein and Lida Orzeck both commited to maintaing their manufacturing operations here in the United States of America. They know manufacturing locally saves time, fuel, and shipping costs, thus drastically reducing the generation of CO2. It also keeps our factories where we can see them, allowing us to monitor both the quality of our products and the working conditions.

We applaud Gale Epstein & Lida Orzeck of Hanky Panky for their continued commitment to USA & ongoing success.    Click here!

Shop American as 1st Option!

Shop American as 1st Option!!
The America we know must always be viewed as a land of free people and not simply a business platform from which to extract personal profit no matter what effect on our fellow citizens. We must now fight to not lose our economic independence. Economic independence assures the existence of the United States of America as a land of free people. Domestic manufacturing & innovation is the key to our future prosperity. Help support our USA manufacturers! Shop & buy American Made!!
Simply worth fighting for!

We are committed to utilize the latest technologies & business strategies to fiercely support & promote USA based manufacturers & innovators!!

Karen & Lonnie ... American Made Heroes!

Karen Kane shipped her first collection in 1979, sewing her own garments with husband Lonnie in their garage in Los Angeles, CA.

"I think customers love seeing that �Made in the USA� label, and we feel a certain sense of pride in knowing that most of our products are both designed and produced here in the USA." -- Karen Kane

Applaud Karen & Lonnie Kane & their career long commitment to USA manufacturing, their employees & community. Click here!!
Sterlingwear of Boston, an American Made Hero Company.

Sterlingwear of Boston, Inc., has been the manufacturer of the official United States Navy pea coat for over 40 years.

Sterlingwear has taken the skills and craftsmanship of their loyal and dedicated union workforce, the very best of domestic and imported materials, along with the exact quality control standards required by the United States government and created an outstanding line of outerwear for the entire family.

We applaud Sterlingwear of Boston for their commitment to USA manufacturing & their loyal USA employees.    Click here!

Paul Revere!

"Not only the wealth, but the independence and security of a country, appear to be materially connected with the prosperity of manufacturers. Every nation ... ought to endeavor to possess within itself all the essentials of a national supply."

             Alexander Hamilton ... an American Made Hero!

  Alexander Hamilton!!    Vaughan Bassett is an American Made Heroes Company!!!
Vaughan Bassett has a reputation for craftsmanship building quality custom furniture that is proudly Made in the USA by its' 700 employees & will be delivered to you in 30 days or less. Shop American Made 1st!   Click here!!!
Worksman Cycle  ... American Made Hero Company.

Worksman Cycles was established in 1898 and is the country�s oldest bicycle manufacturer. Originally located on the footprint of the World Trade Center before relocating to Ozone Park in 1979 and taking over a factory that previously made candles. The company employs 63 workers, all from around the New York City area.!!!!!
Allen Edmonds  ... an American Made Hero Company.

Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation is a privately owned Port Washington, Wisconsin company, is one of the few remaining independent shoemakers in the United States. Allen Edmonds shoes are well regarded by shoe aficionados around the world. Manufacturing is labor intensive, a process that includes more than 200 separate steps. Allen-Edmonds shoes have been worn by U.S. presidents and other prominent office holders, as well as Hollywood stars and other celebrities.

We applaud Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation for their commitment to USA manufacturing & USA employees.    Click here!! No nonsense� is an American Made Heroes Company!!!!
When you buy No nonsense� socks, tights, and sheer hosiery, you�re helping keep jobs at home and supporting products Made In the USA.   We thank you!! American Made Heroes applauds the continued success & community involvement of No nonsense�!   Click here!

Creator of American Made Heroes.  Awards event at Boston's Faneuil Hall

American Made Heroes planned their rebel actions at Faneuil Hall!!
George Washington! We draw meaning from our past ... yet we are firmly planted in the present.!! Cotton-of-Carolinas is an American Made Heroes Organization!!!
Eric Henry speaks of his experiences & partnering with Brian Morrell of Mortex Apparel, Ronnie Burleson of Burleson & Sons Farm

Here in 2015 we loudly applaud the continued success & grit & dogged tenacity of these North Carolina heroes!   Click here!!!!
La-Z-Boy first introduced the recliner in 1928. The product line now includes a myriad of pieces & styles with a globally recognized brand name. The La-Z-Boy brand name is synonymous with comfort and quality.   Shop American Made 1st!   Click here!

    La-Z-Boy is an American Made Heroes Company!!!!!
Street-smart innovators ... bold & cyber savy!!

Mike Tamulis, Boston Massachusetts      (857-939-8770)!!!!  & American Made Heroes Awards!!

Mike Tamulis, Fierce Advocate for USA manufacturers!
Mike Tamulis created in 2008 as his personal effort to recognize and applaud the companies and individuals who were still manufacturing & innovating here in the United States of America when so many of their peers chose to leave our shores and fellow citizens behind. He knew they deserved support so he acted.

He was & is friends with many US manufacturers and understands that their decision to stay in the USA was mostly loyalty to their employees which he views as truly heroic!!!!!!!
Join us in honoring individuals in USA manufacturing & innovation and those supporting USA manufacturing by presenting them with the "The Paul Revere Award" as our recognition of those who have not surrendered in the fight to defend our USA based manufacturing.

Shop American as 1st Option! Shop American as 1st Option!

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