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King Displays, Manhattan, is a shop with a steady and unique niche in that it prints up to 90 percent of all the Broadway show signage. Founded in 1938 as a photographic shop, sending out negatives to a contractor, the company brought the printing in-house in the early 1990s.

From that point on, King Displays embraced the digital world. Today, the firm owns numerous high end digital printers necessary to meet our clients' expectations for top image quality and fast turnaround time. The company faces a host of unique challenges because of the work it does. Theatre jobs are printed on a wide range of substrates, from vinyl, to backlit media, to fabrics. As would be expected, color is critical.

"As a company we are always ready to deliver any job!"

Wayne Sapper, President

Wayne Sapper never gets to see his name in lights. Sapper's the one who puts other people's names in lights ... those of Broadway stars, all over The Great White Way. He is president of King Displays, the company that creates most of the marquees, billboards, wall displays, flags and banners that help build the dazzle, color and excitement that define New York's theatre district.

"It's a passion with me," Sapper says. "I get a tremendous amount of pride seeing my company's work and the atmosphere it creates ... especially when I walk around the neighborhood and see tourists taking photos. It's a big part of their trip to New York. I love being involved in the great community of the theatre. It's like a family."      Click here ... to learn more about the creative services provided by King Displays.!!!

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