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American Made Heroes welcomes all new members and visitors. More & more of our fellow Americans are realizing the critical importance of supporting and recognizing our domestic manufacturers for their contributions to our country.

Started in 2008 as a simple good gesture directed at a few USA manufacturers, American Made Heroes has since evolved gaining the attention and respect of some of America's leading advocates speaking and lobbying in support of our domestic manufacturers. A major aspect of our mission is to honor, applaud and raise to higher public esteem companies and individuals who continue to manufacture their products right here in the USA. Often, once fully understood, their decisions and commitment to stay here in the USA are quite personal, patriotic, and we consider heroic.

Our members and honorees firmly believe that the USA must possess a vibrant domestic manufacturing sector in order for us to have a prosperous economic future. Our members support each other in their efforts to promote and protect USA based manufacturing. We create educational programs encouraging Americans to buy American Made whenever possible.!! American consumers are searching for more American Made products to purchase. More & more "Made In USA" & "American Made" labels are false or are misleading.

In order to assure shoppers that our member's products are "Made in the USA" we now offer our American Made Heroes APPROVED "Seal of Approval" verifying that the products displaying our seal have been verified as being truly American Made!

Our seal provides consumers an added level of assurance that the USA manufacturers displaying the "APPROVED" seal takes extra pride in the fact that they are a USA based manufacturer providing employment opportunities to our fellow citizens and communities.

Join us ...!
*  We are fully committed to utilize the latest technologies & business strategies to fiercely support & promote USA based manufacturers & innovators!  *

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