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  I am non-partisan ... but I am no friend of Bill Clinton.
Working/voting Americans should take special note of his true character & history with NAFTA & China trade.

            Book about Clinton reviewed -- "No one left to lie to"                      Why remember the past?     Obama & Democrats now dominated by Bill Clinton           

Christopher Hitchens details his scathing but unchallenged criticism on Bill Clinton and his enablers.

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American Made Heroes (AMH) is a unique non-partisan, grass-roots partnership focused on supporting, strengthening and expanding USA manufacturing. AMH applauds and salutes the growing group of American domestic manufacturers who proudly manufacture here in the USA and deserve America's special recognition and respect. American Made Heroes (AMH) also recognizes and salutes those among us who advocate for the implemention of policy solutions to immediately support our domestic manufacturers over unfair trade from foreign competitors.

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