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Sergey Brin is force behind Google's fight againt Communist Chinese cyber attacks.

"Three people who visited Google’s Mountain View, California, headquarters while the attacks were in progress describe dramatic scenes of a company under siege. Google “built a physically separate area for the security team,” one of them says. Sergey Brin, one of the company’s co-founders, was deeply involved in the cyber-defense. “He moved his desk to go sit with the Aurora responders every day. Because he grew up in the Soviet Union, he personally has a real hard-on for the Chinese now. He is pissed.” Caught unawares and shorthanded, the company made a list of the world’s top security professionals, and Brin personally called to offer them jobs—with $100,000 signing bonuses for some, according to one person who received such an offer—and quickly built Google’s small, pre-Aurora security operation into a group of more than 200."    --

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Sergey Brin ... Google Co-Founder & President
... a man of true principle selected as our new  American Made Hero!

NEW YORK: Google's pull-out from China was partly motivated by co-founder Sergey Brin's own memories of repression in the Soviet Union, Brin told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday. Brin, who emigrated to the US from the Soviet Union at the age of six in 1979, said that China's web censorship and suppression of dissidents reminded him of the "totalitarianism" of his youth.

"In some aspects of their policy, particularly with respect to censorship, with respect to surveillance of dissidents, I see the same earmarks of totalitarianism, and I find that personally quite troubling," he said. After the Summer Olympics of 2008, the country began increasing its web censorship and interference in Google's operations.

Brin, who still takes responsibility for the day-to-day running of Google along with other co-founder Larry Page and chief executive Eric Schmidt, said that the compromises the company had had to make when operating in China had become too big. "China was ever-present," he said. "One out of five meetings that I attended, there was some component specifically applied to China in a different way than other countries."

Chinese mainland users are now being re-routed to a site in Hong Kong that is not censored. But users have already complained of limitations to their searches. Results showed up but the websites were still blocked.

Brin says Google's move is still positive, and sends a signal to other countries, such as Australia, which is proposing a system which would filter out information judged objectionable to children. "One of the reasons I am glad we are making this move in China is that the China situation was really emboldening other countries to try and implement their own firewalls," he said.

For standing against Communist Chinese Government demands for unwarranted censorship & pressure we name Google's Sergey Brin and the entire management team as being!

Google co-Founder Sergey Brin speaks out on the China problem

"I think protectionism is also certainly a concern."

Quote: "I am forever the optimist and I certainly hope to open up information for everyone everywhere free of political censorship... but I do not have anything new to share with you in terms of developments with respect to China."

"There is no question that the over-arching goal of everybody at Gooogle is to maximize the information available within China over the long term and for what is in the best interests of the Chinese people.

"In the past couple of years, especially since the Olympics, the situation has gotten considerably worse on a variety of fronts. Both in terms of the amount of information being omitted .. furthermore, other sites of ours such as Youtube and Google docs and I could go through the list are blocked ... I guess the initial momentum that we saw hasn't really continued and has made it very hard to operate under those kind of circumstances."

Sergey Brin is the Force Behind Google's Showdown with China, Ken Auletta

The decision comes after more than two months of negotiations after Google announced that it, along with more than 20 other companies, had been the victim of cyberattacks originating from China.

Google said its ensuing investigation into the attacks uncovered evidence that the Gmail accounts of “dozens” of human rights activists connected with China were being accessed by third parties through phishing scams and malware installed on their computers.

It said the attacks and surveillance that the investigation uncovered—combined with government efforts to further limit free speech on the Internet through the blocking of Web sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube—led the company to conclude that “we could no longer continue censoring our results on”

Internet Regulation in China    (March 24, 2010)
Congressional-Executive Commission on China

Rep Chris Smith (R-NJ): - "Two days ago Google fulfilled its January commitment to stop censoring results on its' Chinese search engine. This is a remarkable, historic and welcome action!"

"Since 2006 we have had meetings with Google executives. They have taken actions, on their own accord, realizing, I believe, that the view that somehow the Internet would transform and open up China. When the Chinese secret police and the government censors took over it was doing precisely the opposite."

"Google fired a shot heard around the world!"

"It is a powerful sign that American information technology companies want to do the right thing in regards to repressive countries."

For standing up for American values and against censorship we therefore name Google's management team as being!

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America's educational, business and political leaders MUST show moral leadership.
Propaganda?? Hear Ai Weiwei speak truth. Do we really want to publicly turn our heads & support totalitarianism?
Ai Weiwei says world shares responsibility for Chinese oppression & demands international attention. Click for article
Please note: USA's heroic freedom fighters Samuel Adams and Paul Revere are buried approximatrely 2 miles from M.I.T.
When debating on the Declaration of Independence, patriot Samuel Adams said:

"I should advise persisting in our struggle for liberty though it were revealed from heaven that 999 were to perish, and one of 1,000 were to survive and retain his liberty, one such freeman must possess more virtue, and enjoy more happiness, than 1,000 slaves; and let him propagate his like, and transmit to them what he has so nobly preserved."

Samuel Adams -  American Made Hero!

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Listen to this true ... American Made Hero.
M.I.T. Will Delve Into U.S. Manufacturing Crisis with a study!

Click here for President Hockfield and more about the M.I.T. study.

"Bob Solow, one of M.I.T.'s extraordinary economists who won a Nobel Prize, did a study that showed that half of the economic growth in the United States after World War II could be attributed directly to technology."     -- Susan Hockfield, President of M.I.T.!
Alexander Hamilton
"Not only the wealth, but the independence and security of a country, appear to be materially connected with the prosperity of manufacturers. Every nation ... ought to endeavor to possess within itself all the essentials of a national supply. They comprise the means of subsistence, habitation, clothing and defense ... The expediency of encouraging manufactures in the United States, which was not long since deemed very questionable, appears at this time to be pretty generally admitted."

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