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Paul Revere!!

Midnight Ride, Industrial Dawn:  Paul Revere and the Growth of American Enterprise!!
Dr. Robert Martello, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Dr. Martello is on a mission to convince us that the history of American industrialization can be related tellingly through the life and times of Paul Revere ... Paul Revere of the famed Midnight Ride. Skepticism immediately is in order, but Martello chips away at the doubts and succeeds in large measure in substantiating his claim; in the process, he presents the reader with an intriguing study.

"As Martello shows, Revere was always an ardent student of technology, and in the case of the gunpowder mill and other manufacturing ventures he corresponded widely and visited existing operations."     Click here to read review.

Paul Revere was early American manufacturer & innovator thus among the first to be admired as a patriot and an American Made Hero!! We draw meaning from our past ... yet we are firmly planted in the present.!!!!!!!!!
We are committed to utilize the latest technologies & business strategies to fiercely support & promote USA based manufacturers & innovators!

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