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American Made Heroes!!

Aaron Feuerstein ... a true American Made Hero!

"... I also felt the responsibility to all my employees, to take care of them ..."

Aaron Feuerstein, the third-generation president and CEO of Malden Mills, producer of the revolutionary fabric, Polartec. When a fire ravaged much of his textile factory, Mr. Feuerstein became the symbol of a socially responsible business owner who rules by his conscience. Despite overwhelming pressure to resume operations overseas, Feuerstein instead pledged to rebuild the mill at home and pay his employees during the three-month reconstruction. Through it all, Feuerstein has been steadfast in his commitment to the local worker.

I was proud of the family business and I wanted to keep that alive, and I wanted that to survive. But I also felt the responsibility for all my employees, to take care of them, to give them jobs. -- Aaron Feuerstein!

Since 1996, Mr. Feuerstein has received 11 Honorary Doctorate degrees. We too applaud Mr. Feuerstein for his devotion to his moral code that brought him to the now marveled at but then an unhesitantly quick decision to put his community first in the equation of what to do with his business. He is welcomed and loudly applauded again as a true American Made Hero!

The fire that broke out at Malden Mills in the winter of 1995 was the largest fire Massachusetts had seen for a century. No one was killed. But the town was devastated. Malden Mills was one of the few large employers in a town that was already in desperate straits. Mr. Feuerstein made a decision - one that others in the textile industry found hard to believe. Mr. Feuerstein decided to rebuild right there in Lawrence - not to move down South or overseas as much of the industry had done in search of cheap labor.!!!!!!!!!

"Not only the wealth, but the independence and security of a country, appear to be materially connected with the prosperity of manufacturers. Every nation ... ought to endeavor to possess within itself all the essentials of a national supply. They comprise the means of subsistence, habitation, clothing and defense ... The expediency of encouraging manufactures in the United States, which was not long since deemed very questionable, appears at this time to be pretty generally admitted."        Alexander Hamilton ... an American Made Hero!! Shop American as 1st Option!
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PRINCETON, NJ -- Forty-five percent of Americans say they recently made a special effort to buy products made in the United States. When asked why, these shoppers mainly cited patriotic or altruistic goals related to the national economy, including creating and keeping jobs in the U.S., rather than product-specific considerations such as quality, safety, or cost.    Click here for survey results.

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