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Mr. Peter Navarro, professor and advocate, applauded as an American Made Hero!! Professor Peter Navarro!
Click to review & buy DVD!       A harsh & challeging message you must no longer ignore.

  "But its message, despite the hyperbole, certainly warrants examination and discussion."
          --- New York Times,   August, 2012 Click here for review.

"The film, based on a book by Peter Navarro and Greg Autry and directed by Mr. Navarro, is blunt as can be in working the premise that the admission of China to the World Trade Organization in 2001 has been catastrophic for the American economy. The influx of Chinese goods has left American manufacturers unable to compete, the film says, and Chinese leaders have been brashly ignoring rules about things like currency manipulation to make sure that their country’s products remain artificially cheap."-- New York Times!!
Peter Navarro, professor and advocate, applauded as an
American Made Hero Award Honoree.

We applauded & honored Professor Peter Navarro at this "Gathering of Heroes"
Click here for information about the 2012 heroes awards event held at Fanueul Hall in Boston.

"Until we are able to connect the dots between the lack of employment opportunities in America because we no longer have a viable manufacturing base and the use of mercantilist trade practices like illegal export subsidies and currency manipulation by the Chinese to attack the American manufacturing base, we will have more and more people raging against the machine. At least Chinese tents are cheap down at the local Walmart." --Peter Navarro!         Mr. Navarro warns America!!

          National Press Club book release press meeting.           The authors "make no apologies" in reviewing the message of their Death by China book.       

Highly credentialed panelists respond to tough press questions.!!!

Death by China explores the very real menace to the USA that lies behind the false smiles of Communist China. China's communist regime has completely failed to live up to its promises of political reform and international co-operation.

Click here for the "Death by China" web site and review this new book.

Author Peter Navarro introduces panel members.          Alan Tonelson challenges the press.                Prof Morici explains China's currency manipulation.  

  Richard McCormack has spark of hopefulness            Richar Taylor speaks to China's military           co-Author Greg Autry speaks of his deep concerns

2011 -- China Hacks Google's G-mail accounts.

The short advertisement is mandatory by CNBC for broadcast ... sorry.!!
The big lie. "It is our policy not to control anything." He is the Chinese Communist
Party. Their basic purpose is to control everything. Think what he is saying.

Gao Xiqing interviewed by 60 Minutes' Leslie Stahl -- "In summary, most of the fifth generation of the Communist Party will be comprised of former CYL members, princelings (offspring of incumbent or retired top cadres), those who received their diplomas from Western countries, and former entrepreneurs and managers from the private sector. They possess expertise in business administration, but in terms of political-system reform they will not necessarily bring forward many innovations. The reason is that they are restricted by the old system and massive social inertia , both of which will prevent them from achieving breakthroughs."       Click here for full article.

"However, because of their familiarity with international conventions and long-term relations with Western business circles and institutions, they could possibly relax political rules and regulations a little at a time. On the other hand, they will take "social stability" into account and maintain a vested interest in ensuring their political futures. This is a vicious circle in China's political system. Therefore, even after they exercise control, they may not necessarily introduce Western-style democracy into China, lead China's society and political situation toward plurality, or give intellectuals more policy-making rights."       Click here for full article.!
Peter Navarro
Business Professor
Commentator & Author

American Made Hero!!

Click photos for!!

American Made Hero!! vs!

Peter Navarro ... applauded as an   American Made Hero!
Professor of Economics, Commentator & Author

For Professor Navarro's clear and consistent efforts in raising major concerns about the very real negative influences the Chinese Communist Party's mercantilist and protectionist trade practices are having on the American economy and society, we welcome Peter Navarro to our listing of true American Made Heroes!

"When Barack Obama was a presidential candidate, he repeatedly promised to crack down on unfair Chinese trade practices , particularly when he was campaigning in key industrial swing states such as Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Once in office, however, President Obama hasn't delivered on those promises. His Treasury Department has repeatedly refused to brand China a currency manipulator — a move that would allow the U.S. to impose countervailing duties to eliminate one of China's most important mercantilist edges."!!

Over the last decade, as more and more American jobs and factories have moved to China, so-called American organizations such as the Business Roundtable have been transformed from staunch critics of Chinese mercantilism to meek apologists for China's anti-free trade policies. These organizations are the very essence of the dictum often attributed to Vladimir Lenin that a capitalist will happily sell the rope that will be used to hang him.!!

Take the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its various counterparts in China. The groups were signatories to the letter lobbying against congressional attempts to force China to play fair. In addition, the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai has lobbied against key provisions in a proposed Chinese law that would have expanded protections for Chinese workers, and thereby given American workers a better chance to compete.

What all of these American business groups and corporate executives now doing business with China fail to understand is this: When jobs move to China, Americans are damaged. These days, you don't have to look far to see the victims.!!!!!!!

We welcome fellow American Peter Navarro as a new member of!

   Click here to read article "Q & A with Peter Navaro"

"In thinking about the issue of trade reform, it is important to distinguish between mercantilism and protectionism. A mercantilist state uses tools like illegal export subsidies and currency manipulation to increase its level of exports to other nations at the expense of jobs and income in those nations. In contrast, a protectionist state uses unfair trade practices like quotas, forced technology transfer, and regulatory barriers to prevent foreign competitors from entering its markets. As a practical matter, any state that engages in protectionism likely also is a mercantilist as well. In the world arena today, China is the reigning Emperor of both mercantilist and protectionist practices. The scope of what this "beggar thy neighbor" country does in direct violation of the World Trade Organization rules is breathtaking, and it is precisely these mercantilist and protectionist practices that I outline in my chapter in the book."

  "Heroes" Speaking out in DC to save America!   Click photos to enlarge.!!!!!!  
Peter Navarro                   Greg Autry                Alan Tonelson                  Mr. Pat Mulloy               Rep. Tim Ryan              Rep. Rohrabacher!!!!!!  
    Rep. Chris Smith             Navarro & Tonelson       Brian O'Shaughnessy       Navarro at Chamber!       Mr. Tom Danjczek        Tonelson here to help!!!!!!!
Navarro & film crew         Congress' Heroes found          Coalition for a Prosperous America Meeting            Rep Rohrabacher & Carolyn Bartholomew!
Samuel Adams
We now need more like Sam Adams ... rabble rousers for our economic independence!   (Mike Tamulis)

When debating on the Declaration of Independence, Adams said: "I should advise persisting in our struggle for liberty though it were revealed from heaven that 999 were to perish, and one of 1,000 were to survive and retain his liberty. One such freeman must possess more virtue, and enjoy more happiness, than 1,000 slaves; and let him propagate his like, and transmit to them what he has so nobly preserved."          (A clear message to the Chinese Communist Party leaders from Peter Navarro.)

   -- Samuel Adams ... an American Made Hero!!
Alexander Hamilton
"Not only the wealth, but the independence and security of a country, appear to be materially connected with the prosperity of manufacturers. Every nation ... ought to endeavor to possess within itself all the essentials of a national supply. They comprise the means of subsistence, habitation, clothing and defense ... The expediency of encouraging manufactures in the United States, which was not long since deemed very questionable, appears at this time to be pretty generally admitted."

   -- Alexander Hamilton ... an American Made Hero!

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