Mr. Clyde Prestowitz a USA advocate applauded as an
American Made Hero Awards Honoree.

We applauded and celebrated Clyde Prestowitz at our "Gathering of Heroes" event!

"Asia didn't always have these supply chains. They were initially all in the United States. Asia got them because its governments and corporations worked hand in glove to get them. There is no reason why the United States government can't work hand in glove with corporations to get at least some of them back. It's not rocket science. Just imitate what the Asians ( and Germans) do. " -- Clyde Prestowitz       Click here for full 2012 article.         Americans saying "Thank You!"!
Clyde Prestowitz
Economic Strategy Institute
American Made Hero!
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‘Three Billion New Capitalists:
The Shift of Wealth & Power East.’!
American Made Heroes??

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China trade stealing USA jobs!!

Americans say thank you Clyde!

Clyde Prestowitz .... selected & applauded as an American Made Hero!
President of the Economic Strategy Institute

For his very passionate & dedicated efforts in advocating for American manufacturing, Clyde Prestowitz has earned his individual recognition as a true!

"China currently limits market access for some foreign goods and services, such as iron ore and auto parts, restricts [imports into China] through the use of quotas, license fees, and minimum prices, and implements unique national standards in high technology areas. The result of these policies is that China shores up its less competitive businesses, protecting them from any domestic or international competition, and promotes select industries that it wishes to make a pillar of its economy. As a result, manufacturers in the United States are effectively shut out of the world's largest market."
-- Clyde V. Prestowitz, March 24, 2010.

"...the great challenge we face for the future in competing with the economic juggernaut of China and the other fast-rising economies. As the arresting facts he introduces show, the U.S. is rapidly losing the basis of its wealth and power, as well as its freedom of action and independence. If we do not make dramatic changes quickly, we will confront a painful permanent slide in our standard of living..."!!!!!!! >

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Richard McCormack - Manufacturing a Better Future for America

- Panel discussion sponsored by The New America Foundation - July 28, 2009

NewAmericaFoundation - In the aftermath of the bubble economy, America needs to shift resources from the debt-inflated finance and housing sectors to the productive economy. As part of this long-term strategy, how do we revitalize manufacturing?

Join the editor and several contributors to a new study, Manufacturing a Better Future for America, published by the Alliance for American Manufacturing, to discuss ways to rebuild the foundation of the American economy by means of innovation, industrial policies and trade reform.

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American Made Heroes sees much symbolism that we stand & fight for economic independence at Boston's Fort Independence.
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         Sam Adams, fierce voice.                   At Boston's historic Faneuil Hall where George Washington spoke at USA's first birthday.             George Washington, beat the odds.!!
America must maintain vibrant domestic manufacturing for true independence. Faneuil Hall is where ideas of independence were first actively discussed by brave citizens.
The painting above the stage depicts a famous debate held in congress about protective tariffs. The need to protect our economic independence continues to this day.

Today's USA domestic manufacturers are our heroes with many still fighting to maintain our economic independence through self-sufficiency.

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American Made Heroes (AMH) is a unique non-partisan, grass-roots partnership focused on supporting, strengthening and expanding USA manufacturing. AMH applauds and salutes the growing group of American domestic manufacturers who proudly manufacture here in the USA and deserve America's special recognition and respect. American Made Heroes (AMH) also recognizes and salutes those among us who advocate for the implemention of policy solutions to immediately support our domestic manufacturers over unfair trade from foreign competitors.

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