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We are located in the shadow of Prospect Hill at Union Square where the USA's 1st flag was 1st defiantly raised in 1776!!!!!
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* All clothing is printed at Union Square where George Washington 1st trained our troops!

As part of our ongoing support of USA manufacturers we at American Made Heroes have marched in the past two Boston St. Patrick's Day & Evacuation Day Parades representing all of USA's domestic manufacturers & innovators. For years now we have been a loud voice supporting our domestic manufacturers & all the innovations & jobs they foster. Please show your support for these American Made Heroes by purchasing our 100% American Made sweatshirts & sportshirts and more! Proceeds from each sale will help financially maintain our programs that fiercely advocate for supporting USA based manufacturers & innovators.    -- Thank You!!!!!!!!              !!!!!!!!              !!                                                                        ! Men's Freedom Sports Shirt      White & Navy Blue
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Celebrating Our Country ... A warm and friendly place, where you can prop your feet up, have a coffee and talk with your friends and neighbors. Hope you will come back often after reading your free edition.!!!!!!

The Uniun ... 11 Sanborn Court ... Somerville, MA 02143 --- Tel: 857-939-8770!!

July- 2013 -- While Somerville has fewer alleys than nearby Cambridge & Boston, it is now being discovered as offering a number of smaller back streets and alleys with tremendous potential that are now quicly coming back to life!

Above is us on Sanborn Court, the passageway off the heart of Union Square between The Independent and Bronwyn restaurants. Where there once were boarded windows, inactive storage spaces and industrial uses, the spaces along Sanborn Court are coming alive with the opening of Journeyman, Backbar, Relish and now us, The Uniun, warmly tucked away at the end of the alley.

This back alley is our home and we love it here! In addition to the great restaurants and shops that line Sanborn Court, plants and flowers punctuate the space and there's a pretty "pocket park" outside our door offering an ideal urban oasis. We are very pleased & inspired to be a part of the change on Sanborn Court and the revival of another one of Union Square's own back allies.

For directions including on-line map ... click here.

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