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At Faneuil Hall, Boston, manufacturers gathered. We are losing our economic independence as we lose USA based manufacturing!!!!  
  Dr. Ralph Gomory, Former SVP of Science and Technology at IBM.    ***  Sam Adams, fierce voice!  ***       Our heroes thank all who fight in support of USA manufacturers!!!!!!!!!!
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Dr. Ralph Gomory applauded for "Lifetime Achievement" at
American Made Hero Awards.

Dr. Gomory honored at the "Gathering of Heroes" at Boston's historic Faneuil Hall.

"Once we have a clear view of what the country needs from our corporations, we will find that there is no shortage of ways, compatible with our own history, to move toward these goals. There are incentives that we can give corporations that make it profitable for them to act in ways that benefit the country; there are incentives that will attract more productive companies; and there are ways to better take into account the interests of all those who contribute to economic growth." -- Dr. Gomory          Americans saying "Thank You!"! Does America Need Manufacturing?

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"To a large extent our government has not yet realized that the self-interests of our corporations, especially our large global corporations, can diverge from the interests of our country. We need to find ways to fundamentally "change the motivations of corporations to align with those of our country ."
--(Ralph Gomory)

Listen to this true American Made Hero.!
American Made Hero!!

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at Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.!!!
America's smartest call for action!!
Andy Grove  co-Founder of Intel
Calling out with Andy Crove
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Ralph Gomory ... selected as an   American Made Hero!

- Former Senior Vice President of Science and Technology at IBM.
- President Emeritus of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
- Recipient of the National Medal of Science.
- Former Professor at Princeton University.
- Member of the National Academy of Science.
- Member of the National Academy of Enginerring.
- Member of the American Philosophical Society.

His clear views on the historical and present importance of domestic manufacturing has earned Mr. Gromoy membership in!

My Gomery was for almost 20 years the head of the research effort of a major international corporation, (IBM), for the last 17 years as the head of a major foundation (Alfred P. Sloan) deeply interested in science and technology. In addition, for almost my entire adult life, I have been active as an individual researcher first in mathematics and more recently in economics.

Professor Gomory’s research interests include studies of the nature of technology and product development, and models of international trade that include technological change and economies of scale. He has contributed extensively to the mathematical fields of linear and integer programming. He co-authored the MIT Press book, Global Trade and Conflicting National Interests with NYU Stern Professor William Baumol.

In this new era of globalization the interests of companies and countries have diverged. In contrast with the past, what is good for America’s global corporations is no longer necessarily good for the American people.

Below is Mr. Gomory's quote from this April 2010 article titled "China’s Industrial Policies Hurting U.S. Industries and Workers." ... Click here for full article.

“The result is that U.S. companies are contributing to the development of China and simultaneously contributing to the loss of jobs and destruction of industries in the United States. Nevertheless, they are doing these things in the pursuit of the widely accepted corporate goal of maximizing profits,” said Dr. Ralph E. Gomory, who until recently was head of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and currently is Research Professor at New York University.

Below is Mr. Gomory's quote from this March 1, 2010 article titled "The Innovation Delusion."
... Click here for full article.

"Specializing in innovation is an attractive idea, but a misleading one; an idea that blinds us to what we really need to do."

"We need to do more than produce exciting new ideas; we must also be able to compete in large productive industries. This requires us to both balance trade and to motivate our corporations not only to innovate, but also to produce in this country. While this is hard to do, it can be done. Specializing in innovation, though often recommended, is in fact a delusion, an alluring path that in reality will lead us straight downhill."

-- Ralph Gomory

     Ralph Gomory, one of America's leading economic thinkers, challenges the conventional wisdom about the post-industrial economy. Boldly clarifying classic economic analysis, Gomory explains why manufacturing continues to be essential to our prosperity. This presentation is a true, clear and in-depth review of why manufacturing is so important to America's future.

As Ralph Gomory recently wrote, a healthy US economy cannot depend exclusively on high-end services. Because the demand for these services is limited, we continue to buy more from abroad than we sell, resulting in higher trade deficits. By selling goods from the manufacturing industry, on the other hand, we can pay for the goods we consume with the goods we sell to the rest of the world, thus ensuring comfortable levels of consumption without increasing debt.

What is particularly striking about the administration's position is that it's not clear we can continue to let the industry suffer. If we want to keep our "comfortable" levels of consumption we must replace debt by selling more goods to the rest of the world, Gomory argues. If the United States is to "export our way out of the crisis," manufacturing must be the cornerstone of this strategy.

Click here = Dr. Gomory - March 16, 2009 article - "Country and Company: Part I - Divergent Goals"

Click here = Dr. Gomory - May 6, 2009 article - "Country and Company: Part II - Aligning Goals"

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