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Street-smart innovators ... bold & cyber savy
Historic Boston is America's Hub of Education & Innovation!!     
Applauding & honoring USA's 2014 innovators & manufacturers.   

Creator of American Made Heroes.   Above event at Boston's Faneuil Hall!!

Our message is clear, it is only with innovation & domestic manufacturing combined that USA's prosperous future is assured. We bring this clear & simple message to the Boston region's more than 350,000 college & university students and to cities & manufacturing towns across the USA.

American Made Heroes organization calls historic Boston our home ... and from Boston we challenge USA's innovators to also be patriotic thought leaders ... "intellectual street-fighters". Listen below to a revolution in manufacturing growing just blocks from USA's original Boston tea party.

USA needs innovation & manufacturing!       Paul Revere!
USA needs innovation & manufacturing!!!

"I spent a lot of time in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China as we were manufacturing products for iRobot and I realized that outsourcing to China was not a stable solution for long term manufacturing. So I started to think about how we might make robots that were easy to use so that ordinary factory workers could program them, ordinary factory workers could get them to do new tasks and they could be much more productive and compete with manufacturing in China and bring manufacturing back to the US."    --  Rodney Brooks - Founder, Chairnman & CTO of Rethink Robotics!
       A Roadmap for U.S. Robotics ... From Internet to Robotics

"This white paper summarizes the strategic importance of robotics and automation technologies to manufacturing industries in the U.S. economy, describes applications where robotics and automation technologies will dramatically increase productivity, and outlines a visionary research and development roadmap with key research areas for immediate investment to reach these goals."    Click here ... for the 140 page "roadmap".

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*  We are fully committed to utilize the latest technologies & business strategies to fiercely support & promote USA based manufacturers & innovators!  *

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Telephone: 857-939-8770             Copyright 2010 - 2014        All Rights Reserved