American Made Think Tank Summer session!
We are committed to utilizing the latest technologies & strategies to fiercely fight in support of our USA based manufacturers & innovators!!
Boston Harbor, Massachusetts!

American Made Heroes' message is clear, it is only with domestic innovation & USA based manufacturing combined that USA's prosperous future is assured for the next generation. We bring this simple message directly to schools, colleges & universities in cities & manufacturing towns across the USA. Revolutionary Boston challenges USA's develping innovators to be patriotic thought-leaders & "intellectual street-fighters" who will focus on producing their future innovations right here in the USA too.!!!!

We honor America's best manufacturers keeping America's future strong!!!!!!

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Welcome to Historic Boston where USA's fight for freedom began!

Creator of American Made Heroes Awards event at Boston's Faneuil Hall!!!
Mike Tamulis created in 2008 as his personal effort to recognize and applaud the companies and individuals who were still manufacturing & innovating here in the United States of America when so many of their peers chose to leave our shores and fellow citizens behind. He knew they deserved more public support so he acted.

He was & is friends with many US manufacturers and understands that their decision to stay in the USA was mostly loyalty to their employees which he viewed as truly heroic ... hence American Made Heroes!!!!!!  
We are committed to utilizing the latest technologies & strategies to fiercely fight in support of our USA based manufacturers & innovators!!!
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Dan DiMicco: CEO Emeritus Nucor Steel & Trade Advisor to Presidents
"I am concerned more than ever about the future of our Country and our ability to lead the world in a positive way. To be a leader for good in the world we must have a strong economy and a strong military. Our economy, to be strong, must be based on creating, making, and building things with a service sector that supports this real wealth creation engine. An engine that supports the growth of a vibrant and growing middle class and shrinks, not expands, economic disparity."    Dan Dimicco

"China has been running an economic war against the industrial democracies for 20 years," Bannon said, noting that previous presidents - Clinton, Bush and Obama - all 'blinked' when it came to trade with China, adding "Trump didn't blink."    Click here for Zero Hedge article.
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"Steve Bannon: There is ‘no chance’ Trump is going to back down in the China trade war" -- ex-White House chief strategist Steve Bannon & Tom Friedman agree that standoff with China “cuts to the core of what the USA is going to be in the future.” Steve Bannon details why Trump is not shying away from the fight vs China’s protectionist economy
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      We must educate USA's youth about the importance of supporting USA manufacturers.

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