Paul Revere meets Rodney Brooks
Paul & Rodney both talk revolution in same neighborhood now The Innovation District!!! Paul Revere the patriot.!

Sees a revolution in manufacturing just blocks from USA's original tea party.!
Paul Revere

"I spent a lot of time in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China as we were manufacturing products for iRobot and I realized that outsourcing to China was not a stable solution for long term manufacturing. So I started to think about how we might make robots that were easy to use so that ordinary factory workers could program them, ordinary factory workers could get them to do new tasks and they could be much more productive and compete with manufacturing in China and bring manufacturing back to the US."    --  Rodney Brooks - Founder, Chairnman & CTO of Rethink Robotics!
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At Rethink Robotics, they believe that all manufacturers, regardless of size and technology experience, should have an equal opportunity to benefit from production robots. They should be affordable. They should be safe to operate around people. They should be easy to train and work right out of the box. And most of all, they should help U.S. manufacturers increase production while keeping jobs from migrating overseas.     Click here for Rethink Robotics.

  These eyes saw the future.             These eyes see the future.!
   Boston, Massachhusetts                 Boston, Massachhusetts
The question asked by our friend & first American partiot/manufacturer to today's citizens ... “What has taken so long?”

Paul Revere & Rodney Brooks both became highly skilled at their craft through years of hard work.!!
Dr. Robert Martello, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
Paul Revere's ride to warn the colonial militia of the British march on Lexington and Concord is a legendary contribution to the American Revolution. This book "Midnight Ride, Industrial Dawn" reveals another side of this American hero's life, that of a transformational entrepreneur instrumental in the industrial revolution.    Author Dr. Robert Martello received his Ph.D. from MIT.

Rodney Brooks is a current American innovator & manufacturer & patriot leading the next great revolution & applauded as an American Made Hero!!!
Nina Zannieri, Exec Dir, Paul Revere Memorial Assoc.              Paul Revere Jr, President Paul Revere Memorial Assoc.          Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers, May 28, 2012.!!!
Kelly Thomas, Historic Burial Grounds Program Manager                                   Paul Revere's grave marker.                            American Artifacts: Granary Burying Ground, Oct 28, 2012

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