Wang Qishan threatens USA!
Committed to utilizing the latest technologies & strategies to fiercely fight in support of our USA based manufacturers & innovators!      Communist China warns USA!

Wang Qishan is son-in-law of Yao Yilin who ordered Tiananmen Square massacre!

Wang Qishan's relative ordered slaughter at Tiananmen Square!    Just another thug assuming leadership & now threatening USA!!!    
          Tim Geithner and Wang Qishan                 Why give this thug credibility on National TV?? Stupid! ... No, damn stupid!!     Yao Yilin, First Vice Premier from 1988 to 1993

Geithner sits there smiling with ghosts of Tiananmen Square massacre!

Tim Geithner & Charlie Rose smile stupidly as Comm China's leadership thug threatens USA!!!
View above to hear China's threat on Charlie Rose.
Opinion: So in above video is Wang Qishan, China's representative of their closed and oppressive Communist regime & police state. China chose to use its' illegal mercantilist economy politically after nearly being toppled at Tienanmen Square in a TV interview telling the USA in a TV interview viewed by America's intellectual elite that what he fears most is that the USA will make the fact that they chose to use their economy as a tool to maintain their political dominance and political control over the Chinese people and in doing so have wreaked havoc across the heartland of America's manufacturing core displacing millions of American citizens ... that we, the United State of America, might make a political issue out of it.

In the face of evil ... they watch China's vice premier not so subtly threaten to USA!

China's representative says keep quiet and "Don't make it political" ... and Geithner and Rose just let it pass as if the guy is making perfect sense. I'm no xenophobe .. but there sat the representative of evil .... and they kissed his ass on national TV.!!! George Washington to USA's new ambassador:  Take heed! “There can be no greater error than to expect or calculate real favors from nations.”  (China??)

   George Washington ... an American Made Hero!

This video is banned by China's Communist regime!!                   !!
Wang Qishan (Thug)                Revisit Tiananmen Square where Communists slaughtered protesters.      Tim Geithner disgraces memory of the "Tank Man"

Who is Wang Qishan? Wang Qishan is son-in-law of Yao Yilin who was key Communist igniting Tiananmen Square!

  Communist China remains a single party police state aggressively oppressing the Chinese people.!!
Deng Xiaoping              Yao Yilin with Soviets  
Know history: Deng Xiaoping is named as the chief of the crackdown on students in the posthumous memoirs of former Party General Secretary Zhao Ziyang, secretly recorded on audio tape while he was under house arrest , published in May 2009. According to Zhao, the decision to involve the army against the protesters could have been avoided were it not for the machinations of the hardline conservatives such as Li, the Beijing mayor Chen Xitong, and Vice-Premier Yao Yilin , added to the paranoia of Deng Xiaoping, anguished at the thought of losing power.

ALERT: Communist China's merchntilism is de-populating America's heartland without military!
FACT: Great USA manufacturing cities have already de-populated more than cities did during great European plague.
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