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"Not only the wealth, but the independence and security of a country, appear to be materially connected with the prosperity of manufacturers. Every nation ... ought to endeavor to possess within itself all the essentials of a national supply. They comprise the means of subsistence, habitation, clothing and defense ... The expediency of encouraging manufactures in the United States, which was not long since deemed very questionable, appears at this time to be pretty generally admitted."
 - Alexander Hamilton ... an American Made Hero!!!         (Click here to go to the top of the page)!!!!
Click photos for IdeaPaint!
American Made Heroes!
Welcome to IdeaPaint of Ashland, Massachusetts!

IdeaPaint is a the first dry-erase paint that allows you to wrote on any dry, flat, smooth surface painted with IdeaPaint! The company was founded by John Goscha in 2002 who then asked his Babson Colllege classmates Jeff Avallon and Morgen Newman to join him as co-founders. The three friends teamed together to successfully pull off the Company's 2008 commercial product launch and are applauded as American Made Heroes!!!         (Click here to go to the top of the page)!!!!
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American Made Heroes!
Welcome to Samuel Adams Brewery of Boston, Massachusetts!

We applaud The Boston Beer Company founder Jim Koch for through his vision and entrepreneurial spirit the above referenced 750 Americans are gainfully employed and, as is reviewed below, Mr. Koch continues to encourage a new generation of USA job creators through his "Brewing the American Dream" organization. We welcome President & CEO Jim Koch and all the Samuel Adams Brewers as American Made Heroes!!!         (Click here to go to the top of the page)!!!!
Click photos for Thorndike Mills!
American Made Heroes!
Welcome to Thorndike Mills of Palmer, Massachusetts!

In today's difficult economic times for our domestic manufacturers we applaud the Garabedian family for continuing to maintain the family traditions of hard work and focus on quality. Thorndike Mills continues to manufacture their rugs in central Massachusetts proudly employing their fellow Americans as they have for generations. We warmly welcome and applaud the Garabedian family as proud members of American Made!!         (Click here to go to the top of the page)!!!!
Click photos for Aeronautica Windpower!
American Made Heroes!
Welcome to Aeronautica Windpower of Plymouth, MA!

To celebrate the inaugural American-made commercial wind turbines coming off the production floor this year , Aeronautica Windpower, Plymouth, Mass.,has decided to buck the trend of plain white towers and show off the stars and stripes instead. “Most people don’t know it, but other than some smaller machines, many wind turbines going up around the U.S. are made overseas. So instead of sending our petro-dollars overseas we want to reverse that trend and build high-quality turbines in America.

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   Massachusetts Manufacturer!         new balance ... an American Made Hero Company!       
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"New Balance is the only athletic shoe manufacturer still making shoes in the USA. We’re proud of that commitment. We're proud of the workers in our five New England factories." -- For their commitment to maintaining their USA manufacturing operations, New Balance management & employees are easily recognized as true American Made Heroes!

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Click photos for HARPOON Brewery.
American Made Heroes!
Welcome to HARPOON Brewery of Boston, Masachusetts.

The Harpoon Brewery was founded on the Boston waterfront in 1986 by three Harvard classmates. The Brewery started with the three founders and one employee (a brewer) ... today there are about 90 employees. Harpoon Ale was the first beer to be commercially brewed and bottled in Boston since 1964.In New England, Harpoon's annual beer production is second only to foreign owned Anheuser-Busch.!!         (Click here to go to the top of the page)!!!!
Click above for Maria and Ricardo's
American Made Heroes!
Welcome to Maria and Ricardo's Tortilla Factory of Canton, MA

Since its opening in 1986 by Mexican immigrants with a vision to develop the most authentic and high quality tortilla in the market, Maria & Ricardo has become a favorite across the the food service industry - including food preperation counters at supermarkets - prime choice at retail amoung Natural and Organic oriented consumers.    -- American Made Heroes!!!
Click above for Philips Candy House
American Made Heroes!
Welcome to Philips Candy House of Boston, Massachusetts

Founded in 1925, Phillips Candy House is pleased to be Boston's oldest chocolatier. It's a tradition that four generations of family have been proud to uphold. Inspired by a love of fine chocolate, we continue to artfully blend premium fresh ingredients in small batches using our original recipes and methods.
  -- American Made Heroes!!!         (Click here to go to the top of the page)!!!!
Click photos for Titleist!
American Made Heroes!
  Welcome to Titleist golf balls of Fairhaven, Massachusetts!

Titleist's mission is to serve the needs of the serious and recreational golfer with value added products and services that have a competitive advantage worldwide. Titleist a brand name owned by the Acushnet Company is best known for its Titleist golf balls, but also produces clubs and other equipment and accessories under the brands Cobra, FootJoy and Pinnacle in addition to Titleist. For maintaining their manufacturing here in America the owners and employees of Titleist Golf Ball are all hereby recognized as!!!         (Click here to go to the top of the page)!!!!
Click photos for Duro Textiles!
American Made Heroes!
  Welcome to Duro Textile Technologies of Fall River, MA

Through intense R&D, exclusive partnerships and proprietary processes, Duro offers groundbreaking technologies. Many of Duro’s technologies stem from its 30-year partnership with the U.S. military and the joint mission to develop fabric technologies to withstand the most extreme conditions on Earth. are all hereby recognized as!!!!
Click photos for Joseph Abboud.
American Made Heroes!
Welcome to Joseph Abboud of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

According to Marty Staff, President and CEO of JA Apparel Corp, the parent company for Joseph Abboud, "We are proud to be Made in America. Our factory in New Bedford, Massachusetts has been and will always be the heartbeat of our company. It is an invaluable asset. For more than 25 years, we have supported and embraced our New Bedford population, and this will continue in the years to come."!!         (Click here to go to the top of the page)!!!!
Click photos for 123 Systems
American Made Heroes!
World-class lithium ion battery manufacturing in USA!

123 Systems commits to building world-class lithium ion battery manufacturing in the United States. The 123 Systems facilities will provide a diverse set of skilled job opportunities for Michigan's workforce including construction, engineering, sales and marketing, administration and research and development, with initial hiring to begin this year. Employees of 123 Systems are hereby recognized as!!!
Click photos for Sterlingwear of Boston.
American Made Heroes!
Welcome to Sterlingwear of East Boston, Massachusetts

Sterlingwear of Boston, Inc., has been the manufacturer of the official United States Navy pea coat for over 40 years. In its third generation of leadership, this family-owned and operated business has evolved into a state-of-the-art clothing manufacturing company, employing over 250 men and women in the New England area ... are herby applauded & honored as a true American Made Hero Company.!!
Click photos for Mass-TEC!
American Made Heroes!
Welcome to MassTEC of Worchester, Massachusetts!

The Massachusetts Technician Education Collaborative Mass-TEC is an initiative aimed at producing more engineering technicians to meet regional advanced manufacturing workforce demand by creating an effective system of influence over the career decision-making of American adults and students.
For their focus on producing the future manufacturing professionals for fill future "American Made" jobs ... MassTEC members are American Made Heroes!

      Massachusetts Manufacturer!              Hyde Tools ... an American Made Hero Company!!   Shop American as 1st Option!!   Shop American as 1st Option!!

Today, Hyde is the largest manufacturer of industrial machine and hand knives and fix-up-paint-up tools and decorating aids. Hyde has come a long way from its humble beginning in 1870. With well over a century of manufacturing precision made knives for industry, Hyde has the know-how to produce better quality hand tools .... and for providing good manufacturing jobs in the USA are American Made Heroes!

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   Massachusetts Manufacturer!      Riverdale Mills Corporation ... American Made Heroes!!!   Shop American as 1st Option!!!  

For his building a thriving business in a New England mill town and in an historic old New England mill thus employing today's American manufacturing workers, James Knott Sr. and all the employees of Riverdale Mills Corporation are hereby recognized and applauded as American Made Heroes!

Click here ... for Riverdale Mills and Mr. James Knott Sr. "Hero" page.

Massachusetts Manufacturer!               Ken's Foods ... all American Made Heroes!      !!!!!

Ken's Foods produces and packages over 400 varieties of dressings and sauces. Ken's is the number three manufacturer of salad dressings in the United States behind Kraft Foods and Wish-Bone. Ken's Foods employs over 600 USA citizens in manufacturing facilities located in Marlborough, Massachusetts, McDonough, Georgia and Las Vegas, Nevada. and are hereby recognized and applauded as American Made Heroes!

Click here ... for more information about Ken's Foods "Hero" page.

Massachusetts Manufacturer!           Dexter-Russell, Inc. ... all American Made Heroes!!!

Manufacturing in MA. since 1818!!!!!!
Dexter-Russell, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the United States. Throughout their long and rich history, they have maintained a tradition of excellence in both materials and workmanship. Dexter-Russell is the proud successor to the two oldest American cutlery manufacturers: The Harrington Cutlery Company and the John Russell Cutlery Company whose rich history and traditions are hereby applauded and saluted as American Made Heroes!

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